What To Expect

Initial Appointment

We’ll come to you – free of charge and with no commitment. While in your home, we’ll take measurements for the project and listen to all the features you wish to include.


A few days later, you’ll receive a detailed proposal, broken down by parts of the project.  Unlike many of our competitors, we strive to include everything on your wish list up front – including tile and fixture allowances that allow you to choose quality products.  Don’t be fooled by lowball bids that cut corners, only to creep up once the work has started! We give you the worst case scenario up front, then adjust the bid according to your budget. We can include a deduction breakdown for tasks you can do yourself, such as painting.   At your request, different options can be priced in order to help you make an informed decision.

In some cases, Serenity will send the design first to insure that what we have designed is actually what you had in mind.  Once you provide feedback, we can write the proposal to fit your needs.

Feedback from Estimate

We ask that all of our clients reply to the email to which your proposal is attached.  This insures that you actually received the proposal, and it isn’t imbedded in your spam folder.

The estimates that we provide have certain cabinets, fixtures and faucets specified.  Normally those same items have cost allowances that are included in your estimate.  With cost allowances, our clients actually receive more from Serenity than what many of our competitors provide.  Ask your designer to explain how our cost allowances work.

Oftentimes, clients obtain two or three bids for the project.  At your request, Serenity’s estimator will be happy to sit down with you to compare all of your bids and show you the differences.  Upon first glance, some may seem lower; Once all is considered, like our allowances and types of shower pans, we are very competitive.

Selection Process

Once you accept Serenity’s bid, we’ll meet at one of our supply houses – normally Eagle Tile or Lee Supply.  In an effort to keep overhead down, Serenity does not have a showroom; however, you can see the quality of our work firsthand by checking out our kitchen and three bathrooms on display at Eagle Tile.

When meeting, we’ll show you which fixtures were specified, as well as other options that are available.  If bidding tile, we’ll show you approximately 75 tiles that fit the allowance.  According to Eagle Tile, our tile allowances are far higher than other contractors, insuring you have a wide selection of porcelain tile from which to choose – without having to increase the bid in order to find something you like.


Once selections have been made, an agreement is signed and the down payment collected. At that time, an installation week is assigned to your project.  Due to the nature of our business, we cannot pinpoint the day that your project will start, so we assign a week.  The actual start day is dependent on when our other jobs finish.  Occasionally jobs can be started sooner, but on rare occasions, job start may be delayed.  In any case, we try to contact you on the Thursday prior to starting to give you a 24-48 hour window. 

Once we can solidify a date to start, we will confirm it with you and you’ll be informed which installer will be running your project.  You can look at the About Us tab to see a picture of the installer and learn more about him.

Throughout the Project

On the first day, our senior installer will review the project with you.

Our crews will normally work a minimum of 8 hours each day, Monday through Friday, starting between 7:30 and 8 a.m. Our hours vary and some days crews may work as long as 10 hours.  Some of our crews leave for lunch; others simply bring their lunches.  If an installer has an appointment, and will not be on your job, or will be late, he will notify you as soon as possible.  If an installer is sick or injured, Serenity’s office will inform you as soon as possible.

Due to drying times, our crews may need to pull off of your project in the afternoon to allow things to cure prior to continuing.  If there’s other work that can be done, rest assured we will do as much as possible each day. Once the project starts, crews will be on your job until completion, barring any unforeseen illness, injury or natural disaster – we will not pull off your project to start another until your job is completed!

Drop cloths will be placed across walkways each morning and picked up at night.  Additionally, we’ll cover furniture as requested.  On longer jobs in two-story homes, a transparent plastic carpet protector may be placed on steps to help prevent injuries from slipping on drop cloths.  If our cloths become a trip hazard to elderly or unstable clients, we can use plastic carpet protectors on all surfaces.

In some cases, your project may be completed except for a custom shower enclosure, installed by Oneil’s Glass. In such case, you will be notified by Serenity or Oneil’s Glass for an installation appointment. Many products have drying times that are greatly affected by temperature or humidity.  Therefore, your cooperation in raising or lowering the temperature in your home at our crew’s request will insure that you get the best outcome possible.

Project Completion

Once your project is completed, our lead installer will present the bathroom to you and go over how to use everything. Additionally, you will be given warranty information on the faucets and fixtures installed.  Within a couple days, either our Production Coordinator or your designer will return to do a final inspection on the project.  With your permission, photos of the project will be taken at that time.

Service & Warranty Information

Serenity Kitchen & Bath has a five-year warranty on all projects.  Additionally, we are so confident in our tile installations, that we are probably the only contractor in the area that guarantees our tile work for as long as you own the home.  Please see our warranty information in your proposal for details.

Warranty work, once reported to Serenity, will be done in a timely fashion.  However, warranty issues of an urgent or an emergency nature will be given top priority.  Serenity has on-call installers 24/7 to insure that any emergencies are dealt with swiftly and with as little inconvenience as possible

Client Checklist

Prior to Starting

( ) Review your contract.

( ) Know where your water main shut-off and breaker box are located

( ) Know where you’d like our job-site trailer parked on your property

( ) Remove any wall-hangings from the approach to the bathroom or kitchen

( ) Remove any furniture from the approach

( ) Remove or cover hard-to-clean items on tables and walls. Serenity will try to contain as much of the dust as possible. However, there will be some residual dust that cannot be contained.

( ) Remove items from the bathroom including the vanity, linen cabinet/closet, and/or medicine cabinet.

( ) If kitchen countertops are being replaced, remove all items from lower cabinets.

( ) If kitchen cabinets are being replaced, remove all items from all cabinets and countertops. Serenity has Rubbermaid totes available for you to temporarily story your dishes and/or food. Please call the office to reserve the totes.

Project Start

( ) We encourage at least one homeowner or his/her designee to be on the jobsite the first morning to familiarize our crew with your water main and electrical panel, and/or attic and crawl space access.

( ) Keep children away from the area being renovated. Remember, this is a jobsite and power tools are dangerous. Our installers try to make our sites as hazard-free as possible. To insure that your project gets completed in a timely fashion, please help us keep your children safe by not allowing them around our work area.

( ) Contain pets to an area away from the project being renovated, as applicable.

( ) Discuss your pets with our crew: how to contain them, are the permitted outside, etc. Non-stranger-friendly animals must be secluded from access to our crew. Serenity will attempt to contain house pets in your home at your request. However, Serenity is not responsible for pets who dart out doors.

( ) Provide crew with a key or another form of access to your home. At times Serenity’s crew will run for materials, or go to lunch. We want to be able to secure your home when we leave, but be able to gain access when we return. Instruct crew as to what you want done with the key/remote each night: i.e. if they are free to take it with them, or if you would like it locked in your home each evening.

( ) Provide crew with your cell number or contact information in case we need to get in touch.

( ) Inform crew if people other than the homeowners will be coming into the home throughout the day.